Tuesday, September 04, 2012


...if that's how you refer to creditors, stalkers, and those dudes in those black helicopters that have been hovering over my place for the last month, I've decided to try updating this thing a little more frequently (= at all) as yet another place to deposit my playlists and perhaps hold forth on the behind-the-scenesterisms of each particular show, where relevant. (Ha ha, "relevant."  Just kidding.)   Besides, I wanna get this going again as I will hopefully have information about a fairly big project to lay on you gatos and gatettes in the nearness of future.

First of all, if you didn't already know, you can check out my playlists since August '09 by going to this here URL over here.  And if that whole social media shmegegge girds your grid, I welcome you to join my Facebook fan page Wow & Flutter: The Aural Equivalent of a Radio Program and become part of an elite fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.  You have my gratitude.

Okay, so here's the first of two playlists from last week, August 29, 2012.  I was completely exhausted, having come home very late at night from a trip to Massachusetts the night before, and yet, trouper/dolt that I am, I qualmlessly spent almost twelve hours within the walls of Tillicum House, first preparing for and participating in a board meeting (I am the Treasurer for Coast Community Radio, which should send anyone who knows me into paroxysms of hysteria), then programming not one, not three, but two full two-hour blocks o' programming in the evening (with our regular half-hour of news for the LGBT community serving as palate cleanser in between - a sprig of flamboyant parsley, if you will).  Even more daunting - the first was CCR's weekly "Womens' Music" program (I'm still awaiting a ruling from the State Supreme Court on that apostrophe), in spite of the fact that I am only mistaken for a member of the opposite gender in certain ethnic neighborhoods where depilatories have been outlawed.  But our fine, hard-working Program Director Elizabeth (a woman, incidentally) said I'd be perfect for the job, "perfect" in this case meaning "a slight improvement over dead air."  So damn it, I did it.  And let me tell you, I believe I gained more personal insight and understanding into just what it is to be a female disc jockey in this patriarchal, testocratic society in those two hours than I had in the two hours immediately preceding them.  So lock arms with me, sisters, and dig one man's exploitation of an entire gender, with a beat:

Womens' Music (Music) with William Ham 08/29/2012 08:30PM to 10:30PM
08:30PM My Bloody Valentine “Only Shallow” from loveless (1991)
08:33PM The Bangles “Hero Takes a Fall” from All Over The Place (1984)
08:36PM Shocking Blue “Send Me a Postcard” from Scorpio's Dance (1970)
08:39PM The Shangri - La's “Remember (Walking In the Sand)” from 7" single (1964)
08:42PM Yoko Ono (with Le Tigre) “Sisters O Sisters” from Yes, I'm a Witch (2007)
08:45PM The Pretenders “Up The Neck” from Pretenders (1980)
08:48PM PJ Harvey “Dress” from Dry (1992)
08:51PM Salem 66 “Bad News” from Frequency and Urgency (1987)
08:54PM The B-52s “Give Me Back My Man” from Wild Planet (1980)
08:58PM Nico “FEMME FATALE” from Femme Fatale (1984)
09:01PM Maureen Tucker “I'm Waiting For The Man” from I Spent a Week There the Other Night (1991)
09:04PM Marianne Faithfull “ALONE” from Closed On Account of Rabies: Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe (1997)
09:05PM Koko Taylor “Up In Flames” from Wild at Heart (soundtrack) (1990)
09:15PM Rowland S. Howard/Lydia Lunch “Some Velvet Morning” from 12" single (1982)
09:19PM Holly Golightly “Here Beside You” from God Don't Like It (2000)
09:22PM Congo Norvell “Johnny in the Boudoir” from Abnormals Anonymous (1997)
09:25PM The 5,6,7,8's “Bomb the Twist” from alright this time just the girls (1999)
09:28PM Lush “De-Luxe” from Mad Love - EP (1990)
09:33PM Tracey Thorn “Dreamy” from A Distant Shore (1982)
09:36PM Tracey Thorn “Kentish Town” from Love and Its Opposite (2010)
09:42PM Patti Smith “Birdland” from Horses (1975)
09:52PM Siouxsie and the Banshees “Dear Prudence” from Hy├Žna (1984)
09:57PM Bjork “Venus As A Boy” from Debut (1993)
10:03PM Janis Joplin w/ Big Brother and the Holding Company “Summertime” from Cheap Thrills (1968)
10:08PM Joan Osborne “Sara Smile” from Breakfast In Bed (2007)
10:13PM Tex and the Horseheads “Oh Mother” from Tex and the Horseheads (1984)
10:18PM Elizabeth Fraser “Moses (awkward edit: original/Thighpaulsandra remix)” from Moses EP (2009)
10:21PM Vivian Girls “Walking Alone At Night” from Everything Goes Wrong (2009)
10:26PM The Geraldine Fibbers “You Doo Right” from Butch (1997)