Friday, November 20, 2015


Doughboy Monument, Astoria, ORNon-locals please study carefully: the only halfway-decent joke I wrote for one particular segment depends on this for context.

Yes, folks, here it is, in spite of popular demand - the second installment of the WOW & FLUTTER Special Edition, NIGHT OF THE NETHERBAND!  Cobbled together by yours regretfully and featuring The Mercurochrome Theater On or Near the Air (who, on this occasion, consist of [in order of appearance, more or less] Bill Honl, Daric Moore, Lori Wilson Honl, Mick Alderman, Sheila Shaffer, and Susi Brown, with special cameo appearances by Jessamyn Grace and Karri Gallaugher and a special non-appearance by Slab Slabinski, who I promise will have something to do in the next part).  And yes, there will be a next part, given that even the flimsy excuse for a narrative I set up last time and in the first fifteen minutes of the show pretty much drifted out the window immediately thereafter, and there are two or three big set-pieces I have yet to knock together.  But, much to my surprise, it manages to hold together as a big, gloppy piece of entertainment which somehow sonically approximates what I've been trying for.  Call it "the magic of radio" or "my usual dumb luck," take your pick.  As ever, my sincerest thanks to the names bolded above and the people whom they identify, who did their usual amazing job handling dialogue both half-baked and overcooked, with special doublethanks to Daric, who provided the guitar and the whistling to the Neil Young piece.  These people make it look like I know what the hell I'm doing, and I love every one of them for it.  And you, the listener - just hope you enjoy it is all.  Have "fun"...


0:00:00  Completely Necessary Intro to the Next Intro
0:00:45  A S(t)erling Introduction
0:03:21  Opening Titles and A Stringently Thorough Recap of Part One
0:04:13  Yet Another Introduction, This One Every Bit As Crucial As the Ones Preceding It
0:05:03  Janosz MacGuffin Fills In His Backstory and Somehow Makes It Sound Coherent, Writer Be Damned (Literally)
0:12:36  Welcome to the Netherband
0:12:58  Roadrunner - The Modern Lovers (The Modern Lovers, 1976)
0:16:59  Mashup/Segue #1 (Byrnt)
0:17:14  Calling All Enthusiasts - Radio 4 (Gotham, 2002)
0:20:15  Mashup/Segue #2 (Voodoo Chilblains)
0:21:40  Mexican Radio - Wall of Voodoo (Call of the West, 1982)
0:25:43  Arnold Layne - Pink Floyd (single, 1967)
0:28:33  Mashup/Segue #3 (Not Non-Untitled)/Failed Exposition #1
0:30:20  Theme From Snuff Box - Matt Berry (Snuff Box, 2005)
0:33:39  Bombast - The Fall (This Nation's Saving Grace, 1985)
0:36:41  Gimme Danger - Iggy and the Stooges (Raw Power, 1973)
0:40:05  A Malfunctioning Disc Inspires a Valiant Attempt at Salvaging Things Which Results All the Same in Failed Exposition #2
0:40:32  Absolute - Scritti Politti (Cupid & Psyche 85, 1985)
0:44:46  Visions of Johanna (Take 5 - 11/:30/1965) - Bob Dylan (Bootleg Series Vol. 12: 1965-1966, The Cutting Edge, 2015)
0:52:23  Failed Exposition #3, Followed By a Failed Harangue Aimed at a Beleaguered Crew Member
0:55:18  Neil Young for Spray & Clean (advt.)
0:56:53  For Astorians Only (false start)
0:57:58  Failed Cover-Up For Failing Not to Trip Over the Damn Power Cord
0:58:28  La Mania (live) - Leonard Cohen (Can't Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour, 2015)
1:02:45  For Astorians Only (1)
1:05:02  A Magick Foot - Cohen/Gong/Eno (mashup)
1:09:21  Season of the Witch - Donovan (Sunshine Superman, 1966)
1:14:13  The Guns of Brixton - The Clash (London Calling, 1979)
1:17:18  end of part one


0:00:00  Fuck Narrative Advancement, Let's Disco, I Guess
0:00:40  Love to Love You Baby (excerpt) - Donna Summer (Love to Love You Baby, 1975)
0:02:51  Mashup/Segue #4 (Nick Springs Finishes What Donna Summer Started) 
0:03:50  Everything's Coming Up Roses (excerpt) - Ethel Merman (The Ethel Merman Disco Album, 1979)
0:05:08  Mashup/Segue #5 (Automatic Weapons Fire Finishes What Ethel Merman Started)
0:06:03  Death Disco (12" mix) - Public Image Ltd. (12" single, 1979)
0:12:33  Mashup/Segue #6 (iroL)    
0:12:48  1-2-3-4 (excerpt) - Bauhaus (b-side, 1981)
0:14:38  The Light Pours Out of Me - Magazine (Real Life, 1978)
0:15:14  Failed Mic Break
0:19:34  The Slightly Below-Average Men of America (PSA)
0:21:10  For Astorians Only (2)
0:23:11  Backstairs - The New Pornographers (Brill Bruisers, 2014)
0:27:18  Mashup/Segue #7 (Grist for Days)
0:28:09  O Superman - Laurie Anderson (Big Science, 1982)
0:36:53  Tylenoid Classic (advt.)
0:39:01  Mashup/Segue #8 (O Superfluousman)
0:41:15  Closing Credits and Debits
0:42:15  end of part two