Tuesday, August 22, 2006


A good and fine halloo to those interested in my fortnightly report to the nation via the wireless. The main purpose for the present blog at the present moment is to disseminate playlist info, as the Coast Community Radio website appears to be in the middle of a long, costly and painful reconstruction (optional Joan Rivers joke available by return of post) and no such intelligence can be uploaded there at the moment. Brutally candid and shocking backstage drama sure to follow. Anyway, playlists, working backwards, most recent first:

WOW & FLUTTER, EPISODE #000006 (AUGUST 16, 2006)
(featuring special guest co-host Robert "Bob" Ham)

1. "Take Me to the Other Side" - Spacemen 3
2. "Druganaut" - Black Mountain
3. "Mama Roux" - Dr. John the Night Tripper
4. "Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me" - the Pipettes
5. "Who Are Parents" - the Shaggs
6. "Daddy Never Understood" - Deluxe Folk Implosion
7. "Borstal Breakout" - Sham 69
8. "Do the Standing Still" - the Dismemberment Plan
9. "TV Party" - Black Flag
10. "A Rose for Emily" - the Zombies
11. "Since K Got Over Me" - the Clientele
12. "Dandy" - the Kinks
13. "C 'n' C Hassle Schmuk" - the Fall
14. "The Fuzz" - Link Wray and the Raymen
15. "Teenie Weenie Boppie" - France Gall
16. "Yoga is as Yoga Does" - Elvis Presley
17. Having Fun With Elvis on Stage (excerpt) - Elvis Presley
18. "Do the Clam(bake)" - Elvis Presley
19. "Ain't That Loving You" - Alton Ellis
20. "Johnny in the Boudoir" - Congo Norvell
21. "Luci Baines" - the American Four
22. "Free Arthur Lee" - the Make-Up
23. "The Red Telephone" - Love
24. "Surf's Up (Instrumental)" - the Beach Boys

The fewest songs ever on one W&F, but that was mostly due to the lengthy discussions my fraternal co-host had during my brief hour and a half absence from the program with probationary Brit, A&R rep and sac-dweller Frank Ahaa (aka Chive Glith) and former scarf confiscator for Elvis (though we're not sure which Elvis) Red Bloostone. My thanks to all concerned. More later.

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