Sunday, March 04, 2007


So, got pulled in, for the second fortnight in a row, as the handpicked replacement for DJ K-No (whose true identity is kind of an open secret around the station, but I guess I can reveal here that said gentleman was a key member of one of the greatest bands of the 1990's. That's right, Sweet 75.) "Interesting" "tidbits" about the show: 1) almost immediately after it began, I got my first irate phone call from what sounded like an older gentleman, deeply offended by the (v. short) Copernicus track early in the set, though I never quite caught whether he was bugged by the track's incorporation of the National Anthem because he thought it was unpatriotic or too patriotic. Or maybe he was a touch too literal-minded, in which case, you may rest easy, sir - I just checked with Wikipedia and the United States does, in fact, exist; 2) I accidentally played a song (#22 below) that let slip the dreaded "f" word over the public airwaves before the FCC's declared post-10 pm "Safe Harbor" time period. Oops. If Coast Community Radio is shortly forced off the air by irate fundamentalists, you know who to blame, baby; 3) DJ K-No had pre-recorded the 10 pm -12 am portion of the show and loaded it onto the KMUN automated system, which was all well and good, except that, somehow, the BBC News feed that usually runs (unheard) on the system at that time was still there too, with the result that both wound up running simultaneously for a full two hours and there was nothing anybody could do about it. I got one more phone call before I fled the station saying, in essence, "Wow - that's one crazy mashup." Anyway:


1. "Armenia City in the Sky" - the Who
2. "The U.S. Does Not Exist" - Copernicus
3. "Upside Down" - the Jesus & Mary Chain
4. "Bluegrass Breakdown" - Shockabilly
5. "Party House Part III in 3-D" - Shockabilly
6. "Unhappy Days" - 14 Iced Bears
7. "Angel, Won'ty You Call Me?" - the Decemberists
8. "Yesterday is Here" - Tom Waits
9. "Blindness" - the Fall
10. "Easy Snappin'" - Theo Beckford
11. "Joe the Lion" - David Bowie
12. "Depot (1957)" - Tom Verlaine
13. "Ciao! Allston" - Ellie Marshall w/ Christmas
14. "The Republican Guard" - Bill Hicks
15. "Whizz Kid" - Mott the Hoople
16. "The Faust Tapes (excerpt)" - Faust
17. "Ping Pong" - Stereolab
18. "Alright Yeah! (in Swedish)" - Robyn Hitchcock
19. "Blood of Feeling" - Barbara Manning
20. "Eye" - Thin White Rope
21. "Prison Farm" - National Lampoon
22. "Chinatown Samba" - Roger Miller
23. "(And) Then He Kissed Me" - Moe Tucker
24. "Ring Worm" - Van Morrison
25. "Heartbeat" - Big Black
26. "Descending" - Meredith Monk
27. "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" - Bob Dylan
28. "Adult Books" - X
29. "Your Monkey is My Master" - the Heads
30. "Angus Dei Aus Licht" - Brise-Glace
31. "The Fight" - Ryuichi Sakamoto
32. "Both Ends Burning" - Roxy Music
33. "Daphne" - Django Reinhart
34. "16 Heart Throbs" - the Chills
35. "Variations on a Thumb" - Mark Fossun
36. "Spastica" - Elastica
37. "I'm So Free" - Lou Reed
38. "The Waist and the Knees" - Game Theory

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