Saturday, June 02, 2007


The first in a series of playlists from shows I did (and forgot about) weeks ago. Few surprises with this one, I see - many of the non-unusual suspects lined up throughout, often right next to one another, with only the most minor of variations (ooh, solo Iggy as opposed to the Stooges! Mark E. Smith and Nick Cave side projects! A Minutemen song running over three minutes! An Elvis Costello number recorded after 1980!), so feel free to yawn. That said, I do get into a pleasingly oddball-eclectic zone 'round about track 34, the Legendary Pink Dots repeat from the previous show was either part of an abortive attempt to come up with a closing theme song (see: the Plugz, "Reel Ten," back in the archives somewhere) or just me forgetting I closed the show with it last time, and the second Naked Raygun song was the purely coincidental result of my commonplace grab-any-CD-and-play-a-random-track-and-quick-'cause-there's-only- seven-seconds-left-in-the-song-playing-right-now panic, which occurs at least twice a broadcast, rather than an intentional asymmetrical callback. Whatever that means.

WOW & FLUTTER, EPISODE #000024 (APRIL 25, 2007):

1. "Here Comes Everybody" - Game Theory
2. "24" - Game Theory
3. "Memories" - Public Image Ltd.
4. "We Found Sound" - The Remote Viewer
5. "Nine People" - Dumptruck
6. "This Perfect Day" - the Saints
7. "49 Guitars and One Girl" - Pere Ubu
8. "Knocking 'Em Down in the City" - Iggy Pop
9. "Lust for Life" - Bad Livers
10. "Can You Dig It?" - the Monkees
11. "You Know I Hate Stupid Phones" - Liars
12. "Ice" - Steven Wright
13. "Dog on Wheels" - Belle & Sebastian
14. "Walk in Cold" - Naked Raygun
15. "All the Photos" - The Sea and Cake
16. "I Remember" - Naked Raygun
17. "Ain't We Got Fun" - Jack Kerouac
18. "Ecstasy Symphony" - Spacemen 3
19. "When I Was Cruel No. 2" - Elvis Costello
20. "Deanshanger" - Prolapse
21. "My Own Face Inside the Trees" - the Clientele
22. "Duckrog" - Von Südenfed
23. "Go Tell the Women" - Grinderman
24. "Bob's Brazerko Lounge" - Firesign Theatre
25. "Dan Destiny and the Silver Dawn" - the Chills
26. "My Roots are Strong and Deep" - the Microphones
27. "Gum" - Cornelius
28. "Karl French Interview" - Monty Python
29. "Tune for Wind God" - Minutemen
30. "Space Shipp" - Matthew Shipp
31. "Water (excerpt)" - Steven Wright
32. "We Meet Under Tables" - Wire
33. "Sleep Over It" - controller.controller
34. "Is That All There Is?" - Peggy Lee
35. "Scotch Hausen" - DJ Scotch Egg
36. "How Long Blues" - Jimmy Yancey
37. "Caliper Remote" - Autechre
38. "Zapped" - Bailter Space
39. "And Even the Vegetables Screamed" - Legendary Pink Dots

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