Thursday, December 20, 2007


Behold, the playlist for the 2nd Annual Wow & Flutter Christmas Disrespectacular! (And I'm proud to say, a show which carries on the holiday tradition of getting a single, offended call - not that I'm so bothered, particularly as it was one from a fellow programmer, a woman who seems to think of herself as Coast Community Radio's fucking den mother or something and really should mind her own goddamned fucking business about what's appropriate late-night radio fare and what's not, especially since she used more profanity in her phone call than the track in question, and if it's the political incorrectness factor you're worried about, cookie, bear in mind that sarcastic commentary about Chanukah could be construed as anti-Semitic from a WASP or someone similar but is perfectly fine coming from a member of the Chosen People, not to mention a guy deeply beloved of our oh-so-liberal listenership, y'dig? Ah, yes, all I want for Christmas is some thicker skin...)

WOW & FLUTTER, EPISODE #000051 (DECEMBER 19, 2007):

1. "Little Mary Christmas" - Roger Christian
2. "Christmas With Satan" - James White and the Blacks
3. "One Christmas Catalogue" - Captain Sensible One Christmas
4. "Christmas Isn't Safe For Animals" - Of Montreal
5. "I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas" - the Goons
6. "Christmas Time is Here" - Belle & Sebastian
7. "White Christmas" - Melt-Banana
8. "Message From a Jew" - Jon Stewart
9. "Christmas Time" - Chris Stamey
10. "Santa Came on a Nuclear Missile" - Heather Noel
11. "No Xmas for John Key (Peel Session)" - the Fall
12. "Jingle Bell Rock" - the Fall
13. "I Wanna Be a King of Orient Aah!" - Elastica
14. "Everywhere It's Christmas (1966 Christmas Fan-Club Record)" - the Beatles
15. "Santa Claus" - the Sonics
16. "Hey Lord" - Suicide
17. "Kung Fu Christmas" - National Lampoon
18. "Don't Fear the Reindeer" - the Ramblin' Ambassadors
19. "It Just Wouldn't Be Christmas" - the Loud Family
20. "Queen's Message/Christmas With Conviction" - from On the Hour (Chris Morris, Rebecca Front, Patrick Marber, Steve Coogan, Queen Elizabeth II)
21. "Little Drummer Boy" - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong
22. "Parade of Wooden Soldiers" - Esquivel
23. "Jingle Bells" - Christmas at the Devil's House
24. "Batman: The Lost Christmas Episode" - Kevin & Bean (featuring Adam West)
25. "I Wish You a Merry Christmas" - Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva
26. "All I Wanted for Christmas Was My Braces Off" - Kid606
27. "Your Christmas Whiskey" - the Minus 5
28. "A Christmas Carol" - Tom Lehrer
29. "Santa Claus Likes Rich Kids Better" - Young and Sexy
30. "Father Christmas" - the Kinks
31. "Trim Your Tree" - Asylum Street Spankers
32. "Evil Santa" - National Lampoon (Bill Murray, Gilda Radner)
33. "Blue Christmas" - Low
34. "First Snowfall" - Coctails
35. "Holiday Mood" - the Apples in Stereo
36. "Oh Holy Night" - John Fahey
37. "Deck the Halls" - Bermuda Tree Frogs

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