Wednesday, April 09, 2008


In commemoration of KMUN's 25 years on the air, I have decided to pay tribute to the musical year 1983. Which, to be brutally frank, is about the only reason anybody'd want to pay tribute to the musical year 1983. Not that a fairly kick-ass two hour show couldn't be hashed together consisting solely of records issued that annum, but let's be straight - very few bands were operating at their peak that year. 1982? Sure. 1984? Most def. But c'mon and c'moff it, almost everybody who was somebody sometime was either in the process of becoming great but not quite there yet (the Fall, the Dü, the Youth, the 'men, G. Theory), starting their long journey downward (the Heads, the Pretenders, Elvis the C.), or on their way to quick oblivion (the Birthday Party, the Plimsouls, Minor Threat, and what a weird procession that makes, eh?). Nonetheless, I'm rather proud of what I pulled out of that year that was. Pity I didn't have time for "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

WOW & FLUTTER, EPISODE #000059 (APRIL 9, 2008):

1. "Eat Y'self Fitter" - the Fall
2. "Every Word Means No" - Let's Active
3. "Making Flippy Floppy" - Talking Heads
4. "Don't Talk to Me About Work" - Lou Reed
5. "The Back of Love" - Echo & The Bunnymen
6. "Age of Consent" - New Order
7. 25 Years of Coast Community Radio #1: The Early Years
8. "Cut" - the Minutemen
9. "Long White Cadillac" - the Blasters
10. "Metal and Glass Exact" - Game Theory
11. "Here Today" - the Chameleons
12. "Hazel (Peel Session)" - Cocteau Twins
13. "I Want You Back" - Hoodoo Gurus
14. "That Summer Feeling" - Jonathan Richman
15. "Purple Haze" - Shockabilly
16. "Pigeon Kill" - Big Black
17. "Over the Edge" - the Wipers
18. "By Chance" - the Go-Betweens
19. "The Invisible Man" - Elvis Costello
20. "Ugly" - Violent Femmes
21. "It Follows" - Minor Threat
22. "Lifeline" - Hüsker Dü
23. 25 Years of Coast Community Radio #2: What I Just Now Thought of Calling 'Bloopers'
24. "Catapult" - R.E.M.
25. "Watching the Clothes" - the Pretenders
26. "Down, Down, Down" - Tom Waits
27. "The Walk" - the Cure
28. "Transformation of Oz" - Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
29. "Lou Reed Part 2 (Where Are You?)" - Public Image Ltd.
30. "Bar-B-Q Pope" - Butthole Surfers
31. "Turning the Town Blue" - X
32. "Oldest Story in the World" - the Plimsouls
33. "Release" - Aztec Camera
34. "Making the Nature Scene" - Sonic Youth
35. "Swampland" - the Birthday Party

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