Thursday, June 04, 2009


...celebrated in what felt to me like a highly inauspicious manner. This was the third-anniversary edition of W&F, which gave me a fine excuse just to play the first ten minutes of my very first show while I attempted to slap myself into sensibility. This has been a very long day for me, and it's not over yet as I write this. I still have to make the twenty-minute drive home, and hey! I just noticed that, in addition to all the mishaps and misadventures that transpired throughout this very long day (slashed finger, aching ankles, bad mustache I'm stuck with all summer due to a theatrical obligation, technology failing me in myriad ways, lots of frenetic activity and barely-suppressed rage at my overall circumstances), I appear to have left my wallet somewhere. Hopefully at home. So, if you don't hear from me again after this post, assume the heat nabbed me. Or that I'm still asleep. Or that I tracked down whoever's responsible for automatically layering in those links in blogspot posts on words like "flowers," "movies" or "singles," there was a death struggle, and I lost (though not, hopefully, before I hotlinked his ass with a hot-plate coil). Yet, somehow, in spite of it all, the show came out pretty damned good! Go; then figure.

(ex-post facto notes: 1) Yes, I know I played Josef K twice. Another fatigue-inspired programming hiccup, though the two tracks sound like very different bands anyway. b) Apparently, those hyperlinks on words like "flowers," "movies" and "singles" only show up on certain browsers/computers, and not all of them show up on those, either, so some of you may have no idea what I'm talking about up there. Fuggin' annoying either way. e) I want to set up a system whereby I can take requests [I can rarely fulfill them while I'm in the studio, due to the limitations of both my portable music collection - I don't own an iPod, people! I have to bring a big ol' garment bag full up of CDs and vinyl every time I do a show! Gaze upon my freakishness! - and that of the station's itself, though if you're ever looking for an England Dan and John Ford Coley track or a deep cut from Doug & the Slugs, we'll have you covered], in part to help break myself out of certain musical ruts I frequently find myself in and in part to establish that people actually read this blog/listen to this show. So here's the deal: use the comments link at the bottom of the post and hit me with a request, and unless it's egregiously bad or ridiculously out of sync with the kind of stuff I usually play, bearing in mind that I at least theoretically have pretty wide-ranging tastes, I'll play it on my next show. π) Thanks as usual to my bro, Bob, for his suggestions and guidance, and in this case, his .zip file of worthy playlistable candidates. Three of the songs below come via his wise nudging.)

WOW & FLUTTER, EPISODE #000087 (JUNE 3, 2009):

1. Islamic Klezmer Intro/The Story So Far (rebroadcast from W&F #1, 6/7/06)
2. You Made Me Realise | My Bloody Valentine | You Made Me Realise EP (1988)
3. French Film (Blurred) | Wire | Chairs Missing (1978)
4. Talking Drum | Japan | Tin Drum (1982)
5. Isolation | Joy Division | Closer (1980)
6. Learn to Live | Flipper | Love (2009)
7. Love Will Destroy Us in the End | Hefner | Breaking God's Heart (1998)
8. It's Kinda Funny | Josef K | Entomology (2006; rec. 1980)
9. Choci Loni | Young Marble Giants | Colossal Youth (1979)
10. Heads Watch (taken from the aborted album "Sorry for Laughing") | Josef K | Entomology (2006; rec. 1980)
11. Should've Done Drugs | Overlord | Ticker Symbols (2006)
12. Reservoir Park | Duchess & The Duke | She's the Duchess, He's the Duke (2009)
13. Pink Frost | the Chills | Kaleidoscope World (1987)
14. Deputy Dan Has No Friends | the Firesign Theatre | Dear Friends (1972)
15. Northern Something | Tortoise | Beacons of Ancestorship (2009)
16. Self Portrait With "Electric Brain" | Stereolab | Chemical Chords (2008)
17. The City is Here for You to Use | the Futureheads | The Futureheads (2004)
18. Jism | Tindersticks | Tindersticks (1993)
19. Curse of the Frontierland | Game Theory | Real Nighttime (1985)
20. Beechwood Park | the Zombies | Odessey and Oracle (1968)
21. Penelope Tree | Felt | Gold Mine Trash (1987)
22. Angela | Jarvis Cocker | Further Complications (2009)
23. Suicide Kiss | A.R. Kane | 69 (1988)
24. Down at the Rock and Roll Club (original) | Richard Hell & the Voidoids | Blank Generation (1977)
25. Dropout Boogie | Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band | Safe as Milk (1967)
26. Like a Dolphin | 14 Iced Bears | 7" single (1987)
27. Like Dylan in the Movies | Belle & Sebastian | If You're Feeling Sinister (1996)
28. Outlaw Blues | Bob Dylan | Bringing It All Back Home (1965)
29. One Line | PJ Harvey | Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea (2000)
30. Zeidler & Zeidler Commercials (excerpt) | Lenny Bruce | Let the Buyer Beware (2004; recording date unknown)
31. The Completist's Library | Sarandon | Kill Twee Pop! (2008)
32. Cheerleader | Grizzly Bear | Veckatimest (2009)
33. Tainted Love | Gloria Jones | 7" single (1964)
34. Phenomenal Trousers | Blairmailer | Australian Pop Series Vol. II 7" (1995)
35. Slo Drone | Lee Ranaldo | From Here to Infinity (1987)

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