Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Kelly Rose, Matt Dwyer, and me.  (photo by Shane Bugbee)

Yes, by god, it has been a while.  What's it to you?  I've been busy, that's all.  Like that comprehensive six-volume According to Jim episode guide is going to write itself...

But I've returned for a good reason - I'm compelled to share with y'all what may well be one of the best W&Fs in the show's eight-year history.  My good friend Shane Bugbee, always looking out for me, helped yank me out of my latest slough of despond by bringing to the studio his childhood pal and comedy savant Matt Dwyer (who in turn brought his gal-pal, Ms. Kelly Rose, whose name I promise not to forget from now on) for a concentrated blast of comedy geekery and some free-wheeling chat which, I daresay, went approximately a thousand times better than the last time Shane set me up with an in-studio guest (a nightmare to be recounted in full at a later date).  Matt, for those not in the know, is a stand-up comic and improv performer with two decades' experience (including a stint at Chicago's legendary Second City), and the host of a marvelous podcast, Conversations with Matt Dwyer, which you owe it to yourself to get to know.  (Follow either of Matt's links below for more.)  Seriously, I haven't had this much fun on the air in I don't know how long; Matt and I keyed into one another pretty much immediately and the conversation flowed accordingly, as you will hear if you check out the streams below.  So do that, won't you?

(WARNING: contains strong language and far too many references to analingus.  In my defense, the show airs within the FCC-mandated "Safe Harbor" period of 10 pm - 6 am, when such things are allowed.  So don't complain to anybody, else I'll FCC you up.)

Matt Dwyer - http://themattdwyer.com; http://www.feralaudio.com
Kelly Rose - http://kellythenerd.tumblr.com/
Shane Bugbee - http://www.shanebugbee.com/

William Ham (with Matt Dwyer, Shane Bugbee, & Kelly Rose) WOW & FLUTTER # 000327 (June 25, 2014):

0:00:00 - non-heterosexual program outro
0:00:37 - promos, events that have already happened, blah blah
0:03:45 - Looking Out For One Number - a mashup by William Ham
0:07:00 - Porpoise Song - the Monkees (Head, 1968)
0:11:10 - Willie the Pimp - Frank Zappa (w/Captain Beefheart) (Hot Rats, 1969)
0:20:30 - Chicken Grabber - Nite Hawks (Pink Flamingos (original soundtrack), 1972)
0:22:32  - '95 Jailbreak - Shellac (Sides 1-4, 1995)
0:27:05 - Sluggin Fer Jesus (Part One) - Cabaret Voltaire (Eight Crepuscule Tracks, 1992)
0:31:56 - The Craig Torso Show - Bonzo Dog Band (Unpeeled: The Peel Sessions, 1995)
0:37:13 - Warm Leatherette - the Normal (7" single, 1978)
0:40:36 - station ID, back announcing, the last moment where the host has anything like control over the show
0:42:06 - bulbous intro, introducing Matt & Shane & Kelly
0:43:30 - riveting paperboys on acid, why Astoria?
0:45:25 - the swearing and the analingus start in earnest
0:47:10 - Dwyer's origin story, the host shows off his comedy knowledge and it won't get tired for a few minutes yet
0:49:25 - "Hey, Dwyer, got any unicorns?" and other Chris Farley talk
0:52:10 - "Run free, comedy chicken," Orson Welles talk, the host indulges his bizarre Henry Jaglom obsession for whatever reason
0:55:15 - comparing trainwrecks, polite beatings
0:58:00 - bonding over mini-PTSD
0:59:10 - more analingus, not enough whiskey or cocaine
1:02:30 - podcast talk, Shane plugs himself, more podcast talk (with Shane plugging himself again somewhere in there)
1:06:10 - cooking with David Yow, Dan Harmon talk
1:08:15 - Studs Turkel (singular and plural), the essence of Chicago (the city, not the band)
1:12:15 - Dwyer's serial-killer ambitions, omega males, segue into music
1:15:05 - Jumps, Giggles and Shouts - Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps (Blue Jean Bop!, 2002)
1:17:56 - Roll Over Beethoven - Chuck Berry (part one) (36 All-Time Greatest Hits, 2000)

00:00 - Roll Over Beethoven - Chuck Berry (part two)
01:04 - Cancer - Peter Cook & Dudley Moore (Derek & Clive (Live), 1976)
02:20 - Blindness - the Fall (Fall Heads Roll, 2005)
09:49 - back announcing, the proper location of Kelly's dimples, Chuck Berry vs. punk, celebrity sexuality
12:43 - urinating with the greats, Blues Brothers talk trumps Jim Belushi talk
16:24 - Dan Aykroyd: bartender, more Blues Brothers talk
21:04 - John Landis talk, Fellini's Fettucini, Shane's "modern kissing booth"
25:12 - the host tells his Lou Reed story, so don't let him talk your ear off with it ever again
32:42 - Nerd or Geek?, SCTV talk, Belushi minutiae
35:30 - Second City/Del Close talk, RVTV, knocking on Amy Poehler's door and running away
39:00 - plugs 'n' hugs 'n' swirlies 'n' things; signoff

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